Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

The medical industry is increasingly adopting the patient as a consumer of health services, and technology developers have sought to create a personalized healthcare experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been shown to fill this gap, since it helps to understand the data and needs of patients and to generate elements of action that, ideally, can activate the patient. AI-based patient engagement solutions provide real-time information that helps patients proactively manage their health, enabling doctors and hospitals to harness technology to accelerate patient experience and satisfaction. By leveraging data-driven decision-making, AI can be used to improve patient care. This approach involves using data to make decisions about patient care, analyzing the data to identify trends and patterns that will help optimize treatment plans.

AI can also be used as part of symptom checkers, tools that can improve communication with patients. Not only does AI in healthcare improve the operations of today's healthcare providers, it sets them up for future success. AI in healthcare helps providers optimize their businesses and improve patient satisfaction. Automated touchpoints during the patient journey, such as self-programming platforms or chatbots that answer frequently asked questions, can help ease the burden on healthcare employees. AI can also predict how well a treatment will work for a patient, provide patient information to providers around the world, and improve the patient engagement experience. However, some experts argue that the use of AI in patient participation and satisfaction could cause health workers to be displaced from work, which could have negative social and economic consequences.

Despite this potential issue, the continued progress of AI in healthcare will undoubtedly help patients and providers in the near future. By using AI to improve patient care, you can create a personalized healthcare experience that will increase patient engagement and satisfaction. This will result in an increase in positive patient outcomes, in addition to massive decreases in the labor costs of hospitals and health systems. AI is changing the landscape of every business, including your healthcare office.

Deanna Trueman
Deanna Trueman

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