AI: Making Healthcare More Human

The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize healthcare is undeniable. AI-based decision support algorithms allow medical teams to make more accurate diagnoses, and AI applications can be used to develop algorithms that make predictions of individual and population health risks to help improve patient outcomes. AI can also improve the administrative and operational workflow in the health system by automating some of the processes. In response, the Japanese government has funded a major national initiative to develop data-based AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that will increase the efficiency and quality of health service delivery and provide energy to hospitals of the future. However, AI for healthcare is still in its infancy and has some problems to solve before it becomes standard practice.

Many have expressed concern that the technology eliminates the human aspect of patient care and leaves people in the care of robots and machines. Contrary to these concerns, AI can make healthcare more humane by taking care of these “routine” tasks, giving health professionals time to focus on human activities. In combination with networked IoT wearable devices for patient monitoring, the hospital of the future will be able to offer an unprecedented level of comprehensive healthcare while reducing the burden on healthcare workers. The report also showed that AI-related projects will continue to receive an increasing share of healthcare spending now and in the future. Seventy-eight percent of health professionals said that their AI implementations had already generated workflow improvements in areas such as schedule management.

The ultimate goal of AI in healthcare is to improve patient outcomes by revolutionizing treatment techniques. According to the report, this allows health professionals to take advantage of the large amount of information generated by the industry without drowning in it. Anyone who has been aware of the medical trends of recent years will know full well that AI has the power to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered in all areas. Many healthcare providers and healthcare organizations are already using intelligent symptom checkers. Which has made it possible to make better predictions in the treatment of the disease.

Deanna Trueman
Deanna Trueman

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